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Top 10 Worst Players in Cricket World

top 10 worst players

Cricket is the name of the gentle man’s game but there are Top 10 Worst Players in the game due to their non sense and many illegal moments in the matches with other players. Cricket is the name of the sportsmanship and the good spirit because during a match players face many bad and good… Read More

Top 10 Best ODI Batsmen in Cricket History

top 10 best odi batsmen

Today One Day International game is getting most popularity in the whole around the world and today ODI format is popular and different as compared to 80s and 90s era. There are big names and players in the ODI cricket with massive strikes and averages. So we cant say that who is most famous and… Read More

Top 10 Best All Rounders in Cricket

top best all rounders

We have seen many big players and best all rounders in cricket current era. An All rounder is key player for each team in the cricket because he can play the vital role with bat and bowling in the cricket match. There are many big and current names of the all rounders in the cricket… Read More

All Winner Teams in Cricket World Cups

All Winner Teams in Cricket World Cups

Australia is most successful team in the all winner teams in ODI Cricket World Cups and they are current champion of ODI mega event. Cricket is the globe event in whole around the World and it is getting popularity day by day in all the countries including the many leagues and tournaments. While ICC also… Read More

Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket World

fastest bowlers of Cricket

Cricket is the 3rd most popular event in the world after the Football and Rugby events. Cricket fans enjoy from the cricket when they see their fast bowlers in the action with the full speed and terrorizing batsmen. Although the sight of the bowler troubling batsmen is far and few between these days as cricket… Read More

Top 10 Highest Paid Cricketers in The World

Highest Paid Cricket Players

There is a great competition between India’s Cricket players and Australia’s players due their net worth salaries. But Australian players can’t reach with India’s players. Because India’s captain MS Dhoni and vice captain are placed in the top 5 position of the top 10 richest players of the cricket. ICC and BBC released the top… Read More

Top 10 Handsome Cricket Players in World

brett lee

Cricket is the one of the best and popular sport in whole around of the world. There are big names in the cricket history while there are many players who have attractive and handsome look while some cricket players are famous due to their stylish batting style, height and smile. Some cricket players have attractive… Read More