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With lot of sites already working on Sports with passionate writers addressing a large audience, we are here to deliver a slightly different route. Despite of totally focusing on News, Biography, Schedules, Tickets and tournaments, our site provides a much more insight in this field. When talking about what teams got achievements and what are the key factors of the successful background of a nation given a particular sports, a deep analysis elaborating players’ contributions is provided from time to time.

Our mission is simple; “Motivate people to become part of any healthy Sports”. We want World a peaceful place and involvement in any sports can achieve this purpose too quick. When someone plays any type of game, he goes too far from negativity, harming nations Day by Day. It is a proven method and part of diplomacy to bring down rivalry among groups/nations having contradicting issues.

To address our visitors positively, we have passionate team of writers who have specialties in different sports.

Eden Paul is one of senior editor of our site. He has in-depth knowledge, interest and grip on Soccer related information. Having spent many years as a regular player in Manchester, Eden is a unformidable asset for our website.

Thomas Steve loves cricket and has historical information on his tips. When asking him about statistical records, it seems as he has all history before his eyes giving answer to any query as quick as a guru.

Kiran Latif has through knowledge of Tennis and Boxing. He loves to talk and listen, read and write about top rated players in these two categories. He is not a regular contributor to our site but provides his useful thoughts when free from his routine work.